Be part of the Give

When you give, you are joining us in a movement to change these statistics:


have low


around the world consider
themselves beautiful2

62% of allgirls

feel insecure or not sure
of themselves3

<7%of national philanthropicdollars

are for women
and girls4

When we work together, we can have an amazing, measurable impact. See below to learn how you can make our Gives numbers grow and be part of the Give.

  • $ 100 Million
    in product & cash donated since 2012
  • 48%
    of all Girl Talk chapters in the US were inspired by Thirty-One Consultants
  • Over 9 Million
    people have been impacted by our mission

How to Give

There are plenty of ways to be part of the Give, both big and small. You can purchase a product, round up your purchase or donate. Or you can give your time and talent: see our How We Give page to learn more about our partners you can support.


When you buy Thirty-One Gifts products, customers in the U.S. and Canada will have the option to donate a little change by rounding up your purchase (after tax and shipping) to the nearest dollar. Donations will remain in their country of origin to support nonprofits aligned with our mission. Since 2012, that change has added up to 1.9M! Thank you to all our Hostesses & Customers for being part of the Give.

Gives Round Up! contributions are considered a tax-deductible contribution. Customers are responsible for maintaining their own records for tax purposes. Thirty-One Gifts will provide a tax receipt required by the IRS to customers whose cumulative Round Up! exceeds $250 on an annual basis.

Purchase a Product

Every Thirty-One purchase made throughout the year adds up to help us impact the lives of as many girls, women and families as possible. This year, Thirty-One Gives will donate approximately 5% of our net total sales in product and cash to support those partner organizations.

You can also show special support for Girls Take Flight and Nationwide Children’s Hospital by carrying our featured product this season: our U R U thermal tote in Butterfly Swirl Dot.

And you can always personalize with a Thirty-One Gives Care Ribbon to raise awareness for a cause closest to your heart or a Gives Icon-It to tell others about the Give.


You can also be part of the Give by making a tax-deductible donation to the Thirty-One Gives Fund, a component of The Columbus Foundation. Although the Fund is administered locally, the money can be distributed to nonprofit organizations worldwide that align with the Gives Mission. Thirty-One Gives decides where and when the money in the Fund is spent. Click below to make your cash donation through The Columbus Foundation’s secure site.

Donate Now

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3. SOURCE: Real Girls, Real Pressure: National Report on the State of Self-Esteem, Dove Self-Esteem Fund
4. SOURCE: The Foundation Center Report on Women and Philanthropy